One Cast Fly Fishing: Since 1999

(Nau mai Haere mai) Welcome, Welcome

Husband and wife Fly fishing Guides

Marlene and Craig are privledged to host all inclusive fly fishing packages to New Zealander’s and International clientele.

The business One Cast fly fishing began way back in 1999:
(It’s been 20 years strong)

Every year since then fly fishing adventures and exhilarating fishing experiences has exceeded clientele guided fly fishing package choices. Unbelievable, exciting, adventurous, indescribable and out standing reviews by the novice and experienced.

Every season is a pleasure to provide fly fishing Tuition

Mastering the art of fly fishing for all newcomers, husband and wives is a comfortable gradual pace. (luck has nothing to do with it)

Fly fishing tuition as part of High School camps has remained part of One Cast Fly fishing since the early days. Providing the river tools to learn and search means journeying leads to gaining multiple outdoors skills and not just the fish we are pursuing!

Maori Culture in Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Marlene’s Maori Culture runs deep as Nga awa – (Many waters) and Te Taiao (The environment) Naturally she has followed and respects the mountains and waterways already forged with Maori ancestory.

A land based culture day is a very special inclusion tour offer for those preferring non fishing, are self drive travelers seeking other activities of interest and seeking self contained accommodation.

Supporting local business:
Fly fishing
Outdoor education

He waka eke noa 
We are all in it together

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