Tuition Packages

Is this you?

I lack confidence in my own self teaching methods.
I want to learn how to increase my catch rate within days not years.
I want to know why rivers I fly fish seem void of any fish.
My partner, wife is keen to learn but prefers guidance from a women guide.
I want to learn how to set up my own equipment, what fishing equipment to purchase.
I am keen for my young lad, lass to take up an outdoor sport.
I lack landing a fish skills. I freak out when a fish takes my fly.

Consider tuition as gaining a new skill, a progression to updating your existing skills.

4 Day - Advanced tuition package

Advanced package includes the two days of basic tuition inclusive of another two river days of in depth reading of water dynamics, advanced casts, site and blind fishing. Stalking and landing trout. You advance to a stage of being guided. You will catch lots of fish!


2 Day - Basic tuition package

Day 1 of tuition is field casting, learn to set up your own equipment, insect entomology (selecting trout flies, differing styles of fly fishing plus more

Day 2 is a river day where you apply the correct casting techniques to water, how to read water, striking, hooking and landing your trout.

Tuition clients learn all aspects of fly fishing from setting up of equipment, learning the differing types of nymph, dry and wet fly fishing techniques. Frequent river stops occur throughout the river days so anglers can gauge an understanding of all the processes they made that ultimately helped them catch trout.

What is the difference between being guided and having tuition lessons. Time is a factor for clients being guided. Guided clients receive guidance in catching trout in a short amount of time and pay for the benefit of a guides river experience to assist them to do so, clients usually have good casting skills.

School Fly fishing Tuition & Camping

Transferable experiences that provide personal well being, environmental respect of our natural resources and guardianship of them.
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